Music is an integral part of most funeral services whether religious or otherwise offering solace at a most difficult time.

For religious services we can arrange soloists, organists and other musicians as required. Funeral ceremonies in Christian churches will generally be required to only have religious music and hymns during the service. A selection of suggested hymns and psalms for the Catholic Funeral Mass can be viewed below.

Non-religious and civil services can have live performed or pre-recorded music (on CD or electronic format).

A committal service in the crematorium (following a religious service in a church) provides a family with the opportunity to play an appropriate piece of non-religious music (on CD or electronic format). Live performances at the crematorium can also be arranged.

Pipers or other musicians can also be arranged for the graveside at cemetery burials.

For more information or to talk to one of our experienced funeral directors, please call us on 071 9159999 or email

Recommended Soloists

Sinéad Conway - Listen on YouTube

Joy Feehily - Listen on YouTube

Jonathan Carter - Listen on YouTube

Olivia O Hanlon - Listen on YouTube

Michele Feeney - Listen on YouTube

Ian and Joss Duggan

Tommy Bree

Roisin Egan

Ms. Eunjoo Goh

Niamh O Driscoll

Paul Cadden

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