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Seán Feehily Funeral Director’s is the only funeral home in Sligo Town accredited with the excellence standard of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors. We have provided premier at need and preneed funeral services to Sligo and the North West since 1963. Our guiding principle is the commitment to treat each bereaved family as our own. With sincerity, pride, and dedication, our deeply caring team are committed to this time-honoured third generation tradition.

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us all to change the usual ways we deal with the loss of a loved one. Many of the customs and traditions surrounding death, place a strong emphasis on funeral rituals which are currently restricted. There is no sea of people to carry the family through those early days of a bereavement, no handshakes and no hugs, coping with the loss of a loved one is one of life’s biggest challenges and people dealing with loss during this period will need the same emotional support and love as in normal times - perhaps even more so. In time, this pandemic will pass and there will be opportunities for us all to collectively remember, by holding memorial services, to honour, in our families, in our communities, with our friends, those who have passed away during these exceptional times. Until then, we will all have to continue to say goodbye to our loved ones in different and in many respects difficult but essential ways.

Through these dark times, we are here to light your way. During the current crisis we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from persons thinking of their own mortality and we have an expert team at our funeral home office in Sligo to answer your queries.

Contact Susan, Seán or Shane at our funeral home office to discuss your future funeral plans. We will guide you on all the options for a traditional Church funeral, non-religious, celebration of life, cremation or eco friendly funeral. Our experienced team will create the perfect funeral package within your budget. The plan can be prepaid if you prefer, in a single payment, monthly or any period that fits in with your needs. Our charges are fixed once the funeral Plan has been paid in full.

Call 071/9159999 today to discuss one of our “Sunset Funeral Plans”. One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your family, is the prearrangement and prepayment of your personally chosen Funeral plan.

“Talk to us today for peace of mind tomorrow”.

Please refer to our testimonials page to see what our customers have said about our funeral services.

Latest Death Notices

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Photo of Vinnie Davey. The link will take you to the death notice.

November 28, 2021

Beccy Perry

Photo of Beccy Perry. The link will take you to the death notice.

November 22, 2021

Brendan Boles

Photo of Brendan Boles. The link will take you to the death notice.

November 14, 2021

Kevin Nicholson

Photo of Kevin Nicholson. The link will take you to the death notice.

November 07, 2021

Nora Carroll

Photo of Nora Carroll. The link will take you to the death notice.

November 05, 2021

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